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On June 27th, 2019, cPanel, one of the most widely used hosting control panels in the world, announced a price hike bombshell without warning that has both clients and partners upset.

Originally, cPanel’s pricing structure revolved around VPS or Dedicated licenses with unlimited cPanel accounts. The choices were:

    cPanel Solo – $15 a month (1 account)
    cPanel VPS – $20 a month (unlimited accounts)
    cPanel Dedicated – $45 a month (unlimited accounts)

Now, the pricing has been changed to the following:

    cPanel Solo – $15 a month (1 account)
    cPanel Admin – $20 a month (up to 5 accounts)
    cPanel Pro – $30 a month (up to 30 accounts)
    cPanel Premier – $45 a month (up to 100 accounts, +$0.20 per account over 100)

All of the above refers to Cloud (formerly VPS), except for the Premier tier, which can be used for Cloud and Metal (formerly Dedicated). For more clarity, here is a screenshot from cPanel’s new licensing guide:

You can read the finer details in their press release, which also includes partner pricing and fixed partner pricing.

While prices may seem similar, the account limit is what will really affect higher density clients throughout the hosting and data center industry.

cPanel has received intense backlash for this decision. Their reasoning for the price raise is that hardware is better than when they released their prices 20 years ago. Last year, cPanel was acquired by Oakley Capital, a private equity that also owns Plesk and SolusVM.

What CoreShells - Shellhosting Clients Need to Know

This came as a shock to us. Most of us here at CoreShells - Shellhosting are fellow website owners; this affects us all and we certainly know your pain because we share your pain.

First of all, your cPanel license price will not change for the time being. cPanel is making this price change official on September 1st, 2019.

Currently, in the early stages of exploring possible options is Directadmin an alternative to cPanel will not cost per account.

In the meantime, if you are a reseller, make an effort in the next few months to delete accounts that are inactive. The fewer accounts you have on your server, the better chance you have of your price reduction.

CoreShells - Shellhosting internal teams are strategizing a solution for the best outcome for all of our partnerships with our customers around the globe.

Some Amount per year each account after 1st September 2019.

 For any questions you may have, you may contact via WhatsApp: +92-333-7335876 or call

Kind Regards

Director CoreShells - Shellhosting Aman Khan (Khosa)

Thursday, August 22, 2019

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